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Full stack developers are programmers engaging in online development and website development, with a significant advantage – unlike regular programmers, they gain expertise in both server and client aspects of programming. Today, high-tech companies demand from the workers end-to-end solutions, in other words – knowledge and experience in a wide range of programming languages and technologies.

A unique training program that includes the opportunity to specialize in the field of your choice!

Expertise in Blockchain

Learn the structure of various digital currencies, how to build cryptographic coins, virtual wallets, and development of advanced technical solutions in the field of cryptography

Expertise in Data

Learn the most advanced tools for data analysis and turn data into significant business insights for every company and organization

Expertise in Cyber Security

A unique opportunity to specialize in the cyber world and security information, including use of tools and advanced protection in code writing and server management

Expertise in DevOps

Unique expertise in tools for integration, distribution, and implementation of systems in technological companies. Take part in the planning, development, testing, distribution, and operation of software

Expertise in Mobile and Applications

Learn the most advanced tools for developing applications, websites, and systems for mobile and tablets based on the most popular operating systems in the world

Expertise in Video Games

Learn how to develop games for mobile devices and computers in virtual reality. Join a fascinating field with high demand in the programing world

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