Bronze Certificate

Combined with the Cyber Simulator of ELTA Systems – Click here to download the full Curriculum 

In this training, the students will study a variety of fields to specialize in different domains of the cyber industry and easily integrate into sought-after employment positions. This course is a comprehensive and professional track, which includes specialization in the world of hacking, SIEM-SOC, and a combination of attack and protection for all the infrastructure and platforms that currently exist worldwide. The course is taught in combination with hands-on experience with the advanced simulator from ELTA Systems cyber division.

A preliminary preparatory course is performed at the beginning of the program, to bring all the participants to a common level, and during which the introductory and basic contents of the  course will be studied.

The course will teach the most relevant content to the cyber industry world, divided into professional modules such as Cyber infrastructure, Linux, Cisco, Mobile security, Penetration testing, Python programming, Cyber attack and defense in addition to Information Security Monitoring Center – SIEM-SOC and more.

In addition to the theoretical learning during the sessions, the students will gain hand-on experience in the TAME™ Range, an advanced simulator from ELTA Systems cyber division, which offers a training environment for most realistic cyber wars, and is designed to improve the resilience of various organizations using the latest and updated threats. This simulator offers personal and team training platforms, attack and defense scenarios, an includes training, research and simulation of various cyber scenario.

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Bronze Certificate

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2/12, 20:00, Israel Standard Time (IST) (UTC+02:00), 9/12, 20:00, Israel Standard Time (IST) (UTC+02:00), 2/12, 20:00, Israel Standard Time (IST) (UTC+02:00), 16/12, 20:00, Israel Standard Time (IST) (UTC+02:00), 23/12, 20:00, Israel Standard Time (IST) (UTC+02:00), 30/12, 20:00, Israel Standard Time (IST) (UTC+02:00), 6/1, 20:00, Israel Standard Time (IST) (UTC+02:00)


Web application

Basic website construction module, CSS, HTML, Javascript, DOM and more…

Windows Server 2016

Microsoft operating system, Domain environment, Introduction and installation of Server 2016, Establishment of a Domain and Active, Directory management and more


The Linux operating system, Introduction to Offensive Linux, Basic Commands, Networking, File system structure, Users & Groups, Linux Distros & Kali Linux, Password & shadow file and more


This module provides knowledge and basic tools for technicians / network administrators and is critical to succeed in cyber positions.

Cyber Infrastructure

Threats in the digital world, Introduction to Information Security and Cyber, Traffic analysis and scans, Performing internal network scans ,Traffic analysis using Wireshark, PCAP file investigation and more

״ Introduction to
Various technics for performing MITM
Interception of encrypted traffic
HTTPS downgrade
Metasploit and known CVE
Metasploit & Expoit- DB & Shodan
CVE & BugBounties
Searching for and finding known weaknesses
Creating malware and weakness exploitation
Creating a CNC control server
Bind / Reverse Shell


Information Security Monitoring Center SOC, Using the SIEM system for real time identification and, response to attacks, SOC lifecycle, Security measures, SIEM implementation and configuration, Log analysis and attack detection, Filtering the right way, Using SIEM for incidents response.

Cross Platform Elevation of Privileges

Sophisticated escalation methods that allow you to, become an admin in all operating systems, even when, there is no user in that system., Privilege Escalation Techniques, Local & Remote Privilege escalation, Credential Dumping & Pass the Hash, Privilege Escalation Using Common exploits, Local & Remote Privilege escalation in Linux, Privilege Escalation Using Automated Tasks, Permission misconfiguration & Post Exploitation, Techniques in Windows & Linux and more

Advanced Infrastructure Attacks

Infrastructure, data collection about the customer, bypassing protection systems, performing escalations in the authorization system and network traffic and more.

And many more!

Click here to download the full Curriculum 


Course Duration

Theoretical and practical learning hours (350h) – Includes training in the cyber simulator in collaboration with the cyber division of ELTA Systems.

Diploma of Completion and Certification

a student who successfully meets the course requirements will be awarded the Graduate of the Cyber and Information Security course – a diploma from TESI and the division of ELTA System.
Our study program covers what the students need to proceed to LINUX, CCNA, CEH and PYTON exams. However, it is the students responsibility to make sure they register and meet the terms for each of these exams


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