How Do You Get Accepted Into The Program?


Submit your application via the website. Those who meet the threshold conditions will receive an invitation to an entrance exam


Those who pass the entrance exam will receive an invitation to a four-week preparation program before enrolling in the main program


Those who pass the preparation program successfully will join the most prestigious program for training developers

How Does The Program Work?

Students accepted into the program will enter a 24-month training program. Training will take place in programs across Israel and abroad


First Part - FullStack Training

A thorough educational program of 18 months. Your specialized studies will be based on this program. After 18 months, you will be able to program in several coding languages and will choose you area of expertise


Second Part - Choosing Expertise

A six-month specialized program where you will choose your niche in the programing field: artificial intelligence, video games, blockchain, cyber security, DevOps, mobile and applications

Application for the program