We are proud to introduce to Israel the most successful business incubator in the world.
Guaranteed employment in senior positions in the high-tech industry!

About Us

'Hayehida Lelimudey Hutz' is the leading college network in Israel. Our department runs dozens of the most important government concessions in the field, in Israel and abroad, with more than 4,000 students at any given moment. Our department manages ELTA’s (aerial industry) instruction program in Israel and abroad, with the leading cyber security instructor in the world.

Instruction Administration

We establish and operate hybrid, national study centers for the following:
• The technical college of the Computer Service Directorate
• We host the technical program of the Ministry of Intelligence and the Shin Bet.
• Digital Israel Project
• The Instruction Administration of the Ministry of Finance, the State Commission and the Accountant General.
• We operate Zero01 - a groundbreaking technical training project in Israel and abroad

An international, authorized certification institution

• Cisco
• TameRange
• Exclusive cooperation with the ELTA governmental cyber factory

Business relations, career development and professional job placements

• We operate the largest digital employment program in Israel with hundreds of study hours, consultation, and guidance in the hottest niches in high-tech.
• We lead the career program of the Israeli Employment Service, with a success rate of more than 80% in job placement.